Parking Prohibited Between 12:01 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.
Ord. 10.36.031, Parking prohibited during certain months between 12:01 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. on public streets, alternate sides on alternate days on certain streets. During the period from December 15 to April 1st annually, between the hours of 12:01 A.M. and 3:00 P.M., vehicles shall, unless otherwise prohibited by law, be parked alternating on a daily basis, on one side of the street only. On the even-numbered days of the calendar, vehicles shall be parked on the even numbered sides of the street and on the odd-numbered dates of the calendar, vehicles shall be parked on the odd-numbered sides of the street. The parking of vehicles, in accordance with this section, shall be allowed only on streets where the width of the roadway between the curbs or elongated curb lines measures not less than thirty feet according to the records kept by the City Engineer, and shall not be allowed in any area otherwise prohibited as aforesaid. Vehicles parked in violation of this section shall be subject to being towed, upon direction of the authority in charge of snow removal; such vehicles shall also be subject to being towed upon direction of the chief of the police department or such sergeants or other officers of higher ranks in the police department as the chief may, from time to time, designate. Anyone who parks or stands a vehicle on any part of any Way under the control of the city in such a manner as to impede in any way the removal of plowing of snow and ice, or the sweeping of streets, or in violation of any ordinance which prohibits the parking or standing of all vehicles on such ways or portions thereof at such time, and which recites that whoever violates such ordinance shall be liable to charges for the removal and storage of the Vehicles as well as subject to punishment by fine, shall be subject to such punishment. Charges for the towing or motor vehicles removed for the violation of this section and subsequent storage fees shall be in accordance with Massachusetts DPU rates. All vehicles left on city-owned land which have been immobilized by accident or mechanical failure or which are unregistered, uninsured or uninspected shall be removed in accordance with the foregoing regulations. The provisions of this section shall not apply to the portions of the following streets which are designated as State Highways; Jackson Street, north of Berkeley Street to the Methuen Line - Route 110 Riverside Drive, West of Ames Street to the Methuen line, Winthrop Avenue, Junction of Osgood Street south to Interstate 495, South Broadway from LaSalle Ave. to Andover Town Line, South from South Union St. to South Broadway. So Union St. from Railroad Tracks to Andover Town Line. (R.O. 1954 sec. 18-74 4-2-56, sec. 1:2-10-76, sec. 1:1-12-76, sec. 1:10-1876, sec. 1:12-13-76, sec. 1:2-14-77, sec. 1:2-6-78, sec. 1:3-13-78, sec. 1.) (Lawrence 12-82) 3882.
Exterior of BREEN SCHOOL - Yard only CARL LINDQUIST PLAYGROUND -Emmett Street side only CHARLES STORROW PARK - High Street side only from Pleasant Street southerly to Storrow Terrace JAMES F. LEONARD SCHOOL PLAYGROUND - South side ARLINGTON SCHOOL - Arlington Street Exterior of LAHEY SCHOOL - Yard only Exterior of ROLLINS SCHOOL - Platt Street only PARTHUM SCHOOL - Playground area to E. Haverhill Street
It is very important that the motorists cooperate and remove their vehicles out of all public areas no later than 7:00 AM.
All vehicles will be towed away at the OWNER’S EXPENSE who fail to comply with the above time schedule.
Also, all vehicles immobilized by accident, mechanical, uninsured or uninspected left on all city owned land will be towed at OWNER’S EXPENSE.
Alternate Parking Allowed
Abbott St. Allen St. (General St. to Angle) Allston St. Ames St. (Riverside Dr. to Haverhill St.) Amesbury St. Amherst St. Appleton St. Atkinson St. Auburn St. Bailey St. Ballard St. Barker St.Barnard Rd. Basswood St. Bay State Rd. (McFarlin St. to Water St.) Beacon St. Beaconsfield St. Belknap St Bellevue St. Bennet St. Bennington St. (Auburn St. to Chestnut St.) Beresford St. Berkeley St. Bigelow St. Blanchard St. Bodwell St.Bowdoin St. Boxford St. Bradford St. Brookfield St.Bruce St. Burke St. Burlington St. Butler St. Byron Ave.Cabot Rd. Cambridge St.Canal St. Canterbury St. Carleton St. (Andover St. to Everett St.) Carver St. Castle St. Cedar St. Chandler St. Chester St. (So. Bway. to Dunstable St.) Chestnut St. Chickering St. (Cutler St. to Pilgrim Rd.) Cleveland St. Clifton St.
Clinton Ct.Colonial Dr. Colonial Rd. Colonial Terrace Columbus Ave. (Haverhill St. to Meadow St.) Concord St.Congress St. Coolidge St. Copley St. County St. Crescent St. Crestwood Cir.Crosby St. Cross St. Cutler St. (Chickering St.to Marlboro St.)Cyr Drive Dana St. Danforth St. Dartmouth St.Davis St. Debbie Lane Dorchester St.Dracut St. (So. Bway. toDunstable St.) Dunstable St. Durham St. Durso Ave. East Boxford St.East Boxford TerraceEast Haverhill St.East Kingston St.East Pleasant St.East St.Easton St. (So Bway. toJefferson St.) Eastside St. Eaton St.Ellis St. Elm St. Emerald Ave. Erving Ave. Eutaw St. Everett St. Exeter Pl. Exeter St. Exeter Terrace Fairmont St. Fallon St. Falmouth St. Farley St. Farnham St. Ferry St. Forest St.
Foster St. Foxcroft St. Franklin St. Frost Dr. Furber St. Garfield St. (Cambridge St. to Falmouth St.) Gilbert St.Glenn St.Glenwood Drive Gorham St. Grafton St. Grainger St. Grant Rd. Green St. Greenfield St. Greenwood St. Groton St. Grove St. Hamlet St. Hancock St. Hawley St.High St. (Except E.Haverhill St. to Ferry St.)Highgate St. Hillside Ave. Howard St. Hudson Ave. Hurst St. Inman St. Jamaica St. Jefferson St. Juniper St. (for its entirelength parking on Odd Side of street [East Side] only-during effective period)Kenneth St. Kent St. Kingston St. Laurel St. Lea St. Lebanon St. (Hampshire St. to Amesbury St.) Leeds Ter. Lenox Circle Lenox St.Lincoln Ct. Lisa Lane Lorenzo Rd. Loring St. Louisburgh St. Lowell St. (Lawrence St.
to W. Lowell St.)Lynn St. Manchester St. Maple St. Margin St. Marie Lane Marion Ave. (Except Holly St. to Spicket River) Marique Dr. Mark Lane Market St. Marlboro St. Marston St. Martha Lane Mason St. May St. Medford St. Melrose St. Melvin St. Middlebury St. (Olive Ave. to Endicott St.) Mill St. Milton St. (Haverhill St. to Bodwell St.) Monroe St. Morton St. Mt. Auburn St. Mt. Vernon Cir. Mt. Vernon St. Mt. Vernon Terrace Newbury St. Newton St. No. Parish Rd. Oak St. (East Haverhillto Short St.) Oakland Rd. Olive Ave. (W. Lowell St.to Ames St.) Osgood St. Oxford St. Packard St. Patton St. Pembroke Dr. Perry Ave. Philips St. Pilgrim Rd. Pleasant St. (Ferry St. toHigh St.) Portland St. Powers St. Proctor Rd. Prospect St. Providence St. Railroad St.
Richmond St. Rita LaneRoberta Lane Rockwood Lane Rowe St. Russell St.Salem St. Sanbo St.Sargent St. School St.Shattuck St. Shawsheen Rd.Sheridan St. Shepard St.Short St. (Chestnut To Maple St.) So. Bowdoin St. Sparkle Drive Springfield St. Standish Rd.Stevens St. (Mt. Vernon St. to Stevens Ave.)Storrow St. Summer St. Summit Ave. Sylvester St. Swan St. Taft St.Temple St. Tewksbury St. Thomas Rd. Tremont St. Tyler St.Valley St. Vandergrift St. Walnut St. Warren St. Water St.Weare St. West Hawley St. West Kenneth St. Westchester Drive Westwood Terrace White St. Whitman St. Wilmot St. Winston Dr. Winter St. Woodland St. Wyman St.
If your street is not listed, no parking will be allowd.
In the event of a snow storm prior to December 15, 2017 to April 1, 2018, residents will be asked to
adhere to the alternate side of the street parking ordinance where parking is allowd. Any questions, call
Carlos Jaquez, Director of Public Works
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PostedNovember 14, 2017