Oconee River Greenway
I&A Project No.:
Oconee River Walk
March, 2017
Sealed Bids: Sealed bids
for the construction of the
project titled Oconee
River Walk Improvements
will be received
until, 11:00 a.m., April
24, 2017, at the Georgia
Military College (GMC)
Engineering Department,
140 S. Elbert Street,
Milledgeville, GA 31061
at which time and place
all Bids will be publicly
opened and read. No bid
may be withdrawn after
the closing time for receipt
of bids for a period
of sixty (60) days.
Contractor License: Any
C o n t ractor submitting a
bid must be licensed by
the State of Georgia. License
numbers must be
written on the face of the
bid envelope. No bid will
be opened unless it contains
the Contractor's license
number. See Instructions
to Bidders for
additional bidding requirements.
Work To Be Done: The
wo rk to be done shall
consist of furnishing all
l a b o r, materials (except
as noted) and equipment
necessary to construct
the project titled Oconee
River Walk Improvements
as shown on the
construction drawings. In
g e n e ral, construction
consists of The Oconee
River bank restoration of
approximately 160 linear
feet and associated
zoned best management
practices. (Zone 1 – Rock
Fill Foundation and
Geogrid wrap; Zone 2 –
Compacted Structural Fill
(Soil), Geogrid wrap and
hori zontal live cutting
vegetation; Zone 3 – Live
stated vegetation, rooted
seedings with erosion
bl a n ket and geogrid
stakes to top bank)
Plans and Contract Documents:
Plans and Contract
Documents are on
file for rev i ew only at
Georgia Military College
(GMC) Engineering Department
and at the
Dodge Plan Room. Copies
for bidding purposes
can be obtained from Ingram
& Associates,
L.L.C., 332 New Street,
Macon, Georgia 31201,
Phone: (478) 745-3996,
Fax: (478) 742-4690,
Email: stephanie@
ingrameng. com , upon
payment of $100.00 for
each set (non-refundable).
Bonds: All bid fo rms
must be accompanied by
a Bid Bond in an amount
not less than ten percent
(10%) of the amount bid.
The successful bidder, if
awarded the Contract,
will be required to furnish
a Performance Bond and
Payment Bond, each in
the amount of one hundred
percent (100%) of
the Contract amount. All
bonds must appear on
the Treasury Department's
most current Circular
570 Listing.
Funding: Any Contract or
Contracts awarded under
this Advertisement for
Bids are expected to be
funded by County
The Owner, reserves the
right to reject any or all
bids, to waive informalities,
and to re-advertise.
Oconee River Greenway
By: Marion Nelson,
Board Chair
3/24, 4/7, 4/21
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PostedApril 07, 2017