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Progressive Solutions LLC, located in 805 Decatur St., Newton, MS 39345, has 17 job openings for FT temporary Landscaping&Groundskeeping workers as Brush Clearers with supervisory responsibilities starting 10/15/2017 and ending approximately
12/15/2017.Ê No minimum education required; applicant must be 21 yrs of age, hold a valid driverÕs license, meet all company driver standards, pass a company driver test&complete company application. Minimum qualifications to apply for position is one year of documented experience supervising brush clearers on utility rights of ways or forest lands. Applicant must have demonstrated competence identifying foliage, handling pesticides,&performing low volume herbicide application techniques to industry standards.Ê Worker must to be able to obtain a state pesticide license in work areas where required by government regulation. Company will provide training&pay test fees. ÊProgressive Solutions maintains a drug free workplace&workers may be subject to post-employment drug testing as required by government contracts.Ê
Under manager supervision, worker will assist with directing, coordinating, monitoring, documenting activities,&motivating co-workers in the handling,&application of herbicides. Worker may at times be required to use backpacks to apply herbicides&using other tools to control vegetation in rights of way, rangeland, wildlife areas, industrial sites,&other areas. All equipment provided by employer at no cost to the worker.Ê
Worker will be required to transport work crews in company provided vehicle to&between work sites in the various states.Ê Extensive travel required during work period lasting approximately 2 months from 10/15/2017 to 12/15/2017 throughout all areas of intended employment in MS, AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, NM, TN and TX.
Employer will pay the cost of lodging to the extent such costs would reduce pay below the offered wage rate for the area of intended employment.
Employment will start in Newton, MS at an hourly wage of $19.70 where workers will undergo paid training.Ê Worker must travel to designated location independently&attend all training.Ê
Travel expenses&subsistence from the place of recruitment to first work site will be reimbursed sixth (6th) pay period or at 50% completion of the work period, whichever is least.Ê Upon completion of the work period or where the worker is dismissed earlier, employer will arrange&pay for transportation&subsistence back to place of departure, except, where the worker will not return due to subsequent employment with another employer or voluntary abandonment of employment. The paid expenses for transportation shall be equal to the costs charged by the most economical&reasonable common carrier for the distance involved. Daily subsistence pay for inbound&outbound travel shall be at least $12.07 per day without receipts or a maximum of $51 per day with receipts.
Hourly wages vary depending on work location as established by Dept. of Labor prevailing wage rates: MS: $16.00-24.70, AL: $16.00-26.43,
AR: $19.39, FL: $20.02-28.38, GA: $17.79-20.80, LA: $16.63-27.14, NM: $16.11-20.05, TN: $16.00-23.88 and TX: $17.59-29.44.Ê Basic employment is 40 hours&up to 10 hours of overtime per week, M-F, 6:30am to 4:30pm; but, weekly work hours can fluctuate due to weather&contract schedules with some Sat and Sun required. OT typically required and paid after 40 hours: MS: $24.00-37.05, AL: $24.00-39.65, AR: $29.09, FL: $30.03-42.57, GA: $26.69-31.20, LA: $24.95-40.71, NM: $24.17-30.08, TN: $24.00-35.82 and TX: $26.39-44.16.Ê Higher hourly rates than listed above may be negotiated for very experienced applicants depending on qualifications&experience, including a discretionary bonus based on a percentage of total compensation to be paid upon completing seasonal work obligation.Ê
The employer will use a single workweek as its standard for computing wages due.
Workers will be paid on Friday (weekly) by check.
Pay deductions as required by law.
Apply at nearest State Workforce Agency, Newton WIN Job Center, 107 Adams St, Newton, MS 39345, T: 601-683-2021; Job Order # 225875
Progressive Solutions LLC 805 Decatur St,
Newton, MS 39345, fax 601-683-6904/phone 601-683-6466 EOE/AA:Male,Female,
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PostedAugust 13, 2017