• GREAT IOWA Treasure Hunt

State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald
GREAT IOWA Treasure Hunt
Each year, millions of dollars in unclaimed money are reported to the state treasured’s office Uncliamed property includes for gotten savings or checking accounts utility refunds or deposits uncashed benefit checks lost stock and abandoned safe depost box contents The names listed here were recently reported and have a value over $100 including stock or safe deposit boxes If your name is listed or you are an heir to one of the listed names please visit GreatIowaTreasureHunt.gov and click Get Started To search and complete a claim enter the Property ID or name if you would like to search for addtional properties and follow the on screen instructions. Additional instructions will be emailed to the email address you provide.
New in 2017, you can make your claim today at
Bussey Williams Jared, 3107 Dean Ave..201718474 Columbia Clark Marvin, 2309 78th Ave…2017126817 Scott Alan, 1001 Virginia St…2017161873 Harvey Thomas Carolyn, 1457 195th Pl 201711964 Knoxville Ball Jimmy, 614 N Kent…2017107687 Beaman Paula, 14 E Douglas St…2017084932 Beebe Matthew, 1185 Illinois Dr 2017105875 Braman Michael, 506 E Montgomery St…2017137197 Carter Michael, 813 S 2nd St…2017100378 Caylor Matthew L, 860 Perry St…201028618 Crozie Gary, 2139 Old Hwy 92…201703708 Diamond Motor Car, 605 W Pleasant St…201066364 Edgett Greg, 124 N Brobst St…2017122416 Ervin Wilma, Po Box 492 …2017201408 Evans Dale, 113 N Fifth…2017139780 Fee Dixie, 1329 S Lincoln St…2017073339 Griffioen Jeanette, Rr 2…2017052790 Hill David, 515 E Robinson St…201706728 Hil William E Est Of, 1713 W Grandvw Dr… 2017084031
Jansen Carolyn, 303 S Roche St 2017011406Kane Norma, 1210 Eric Dr Apt 1 2017193691Leavitt Eddie, 813S Spruce St 2017129481Makeeff David, 1601 150th PI 2017187087Murphy Hollie, 1708 Prospect St 2017036649Neuleib Estate Of Frances, 1006W Robinson St 2017084720Office Supplier, Berhow Enterprises Inc213 E Main S 2017173281Provenzano Joseph, 1763 B Ave 2017009334Rodriquez Heather, 1413 E Robinson St 2017127390Rowley Randy, 1069 Nevada St 2017190567
Shearer Brian, 710 S. 4th St…2017065450 Smith Diana, 1329 S Lincoln St Trlr 9 …2017029900 Smith Sylvia, 817 S Gholson…2017189476 South Cynthia, 502 N Mckinley…2017179513 Thomas Bryce, 1101 Woodland Dr Apt 19…2017138173 Thomas Justin, 713 W S St…2017083426 Wacko S, 3906 E Main St…2017146029 Melcher Dallas Anderson Lisa, Box160…2017079724 Branson Travis, 412 Ne Main St…2017115045 D S Grocery, 104 S E A St …2017182433 Karpan Paul, 411 Sw 1st…2017174275 Weldon Kevin, Po Box 27…2017190084
Otley Vanrees Paige, 403 Un St 2017118021 Pella Anytime Fitness, 413 Bos Landen Dr 2017029163 Carter Dustin, 603 Hwy T14 Apt 11 2017091813 Collins Wendell, 2518 Scholte Straat 2017027491 D M Allison, Rt 32017011102 Dennill Neal, 2265 Dakota Wood Dr 2017079945 Dunsmore Sara, 2604 Filed Rd 2017034969 Durflinger Miriah, 402 Main St 2017126878 Fox Gary, 315 Jefferson St 2017167729 Frank Teric, 1570 Cordova Ave…2017081690 Gonzalez Juliana, 516 Brabant Laan 2017204730 Klein Patricia, 315 W 5th St 2017174028 Kooyman Lumber Inc, C/O Doug Kooyman Po Box 8 2017053766 Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, 618 Washington St 2017196398 Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, Fbo: Mary E Bruhn 6 2017196397 Meyer Duane, 319 Jackson St 2017076427 Naaktgeboren Lisa, 309 University St 2017045766 Nfs Llc, 1125 145th St 2017183972 Nunnikhoven Doug, 2374 Lucas Dr 2017066512
Phillips Sara, 123 Brk Cir 2017127340 Red Rock Lake Association, 607 W 1st 2017037131 Renaud Scott, 664 240th PI 2017032719 Robus Arloween, 512 Woodlawn Dr 2017026755 Savvas Rousos, 1339 Brdway St 2017082357 Scott Paull, 100 W 1st St 2017188149 Stravers Phil, 510 Woodlawn Dr 2017136148 Swanson Rachelle, 113 Delft Dr 2017065524 Tomorrow S Resour, 2008 S Clark 2017161925 Van Wyngarden Kyle, 1429 W 3rd St 2017038804 Vanderleest Ethan, 335 Peoria Main St 2017130862 Vanderschaaf Carl, 1407 Country Clb Dr 2017123270 Vanderwert Michael, 1358 E 3rd St 2017083284 Vanpolen Kristen, 102 Main St 2017021957 Vermeer Dan, 1451 Hazel St 2017104769 Vermeer James, 1012 Edgewater Dr 2017075523
Pleasantville Edmondson Sarah, Po Box 492 2017009373 Kreykes Anna, 413 W Monroe St 2017204758 Manuel Jason, 610 E Jasper St 2017130834 Rains Charles, 409 N State St 2017027758 White Anne M Estate Of, C/O Randall White Po Box 25 2017083285
Swan Crabb Helen, 449 25th Pkace…2017173699 Ramoscarbajal Gerardo, 107 Dubuque St …2017137452
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PostedJune 19, 2017