• Don’t Blow It… Compost It!

Don’t Blow It… Compost It!
Did you know that all of those fall leaves can be a source of pollution when washed into the storm drain? Yard waste, like leaves and grass clippings, contain nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, which can cause pollution of our creeks and streams.
You can help! Sweep or blow the leaves/clippings back onto your lawn or compost your yard waste (grass, leaves, twigs, and hedge clippings). You can also bag it up and send it to the City Compost Facility at 398 Bratcher Miner Road during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm.
By doing your part, you help prevent:
• Flooding caused by debris that blocks storm drains • Pollutants in our water (nitrogen, phosphorus and yard chemicals that are in our yard waste) • The growth of harmful levels of algae in our lake.
Clean Streets = Clean Creeks!
City of Norman Stormwater Quality
(405) 329-2524
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PostedDecember 07, 2017