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2017 Marion County Noxious Weed Control Plan The Weed Control Program in Marion County for 2017 will consist of proper and timely eradication of weeds, lawfully designated as noxious, by all owners of land in Marion County. Persons wishing information, advice, or to report a violation, should contact: Marion County Weed Commissioner 214 E Main St Knoxville IA 50138 641-891-5118 In accordance with the current Iowa Weed Law, landowners and person in possession or control of any lands in Marion County, rural or urban, shall destroy noxious weeds. They can be destroyed by cutting, burning or chemical treatment. Per Iowa Code Chapter 317.13 chemical treatment shall be limited to those circumstances when it is not practical to mow or otherwise control the weeds. All noxious weeds must be destroyed before blooming and as often as necessary thereafter to prevent seed production. The following weeds are hereby declared noxious per Iowa Code, Chapter 317.1A and shall be divided in to two classes, namely: 1: Primary Noxious Weeds; which shall include quack grass, perennial sow thistle, Canada thistle, bull thistle, European morning glory or field bindweed, horse nettle, leafy spurge, perennial pepper grass, Russian knapweed, buckthorn and all other species of thistles belonging in genera of Cirsium and Cardus. 2: Secondary Noxious Weeds; which shall include butterprint annual, cocklebur annual, wild mustard annual, wild carrot biennial, buckthorn perennial, sheep sorrel perennial, sour dock perennial, smooth dock perennial, poison hemlock, multifora rose, wild sunflower annual, puncture vine annual, teasel biennial and shattercane annual. Some exceptions may be granted to mulitiflora rose and shattercane. Iowa Code Chapter 317.21 provided that if the owner or persons in control of lands fail to comply, the County Weed Commissioner can order the noxious weeds destroyed and the costs of such will be assessed against the land and collected from the landowner responsible. Persons interested in working for the Weed Commissioner on a contract basis to destroy weeds should submit a bid on an hourly basis, plus materials along with information on equipment available and references to the Weed Commissioner. The roadside weed control program by the Secondary Road Department for 2017 consists of spot treatment or cutting of roadsides at location deemed necessary for control of brush and weeds. This operation will be conducted on an as needed basis for weeds and during the entire year for brush. Property owners who desire that ground treatment with herbicides or brush cutting by machine not be conducted adjacent to their property, must secure and annual Weed and Brush Control permit from the County Engineer. Requirements of this permit must be adhered to. Application for this cost free permit can be made through the Marion County EngineerÕs Office. Marion County Board of Supervisor
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PostedMarch 16, 2017